Absentee Homeowners

For The Absentee Homeowners

As a property owner you are concerned about your home, but many times distance and a busy schedule make it difficult to ensure the proper care of your vacant home.  When it comes time to visit, you want to enjoy yourself and be free to enjoy the beach, the golf, and all leisure activities.

NC Coastal Concierge was designed with you in mind.

Our services assist you in maintaining your second home while away, letting us be your eyes and ears during those times when your property is vacant.

Some Of The Ways We Can Help

-We can check on your property to give you peace of mind that all is well.  During any period of time that your property is vacant or during the “off” season, we can assure that there are no problems inside or out.

-Let us coordinate any regular or needed maintenance on your home (ie. HVAC, pest, repairs, etc) when you just can not be there.

-Hurricane Season is always a bit worrisome.  Let us prepare and check your home prior to a storm.  After the storm passes, we will check on your home inside and out to assure there are no issues to correct. We can also coordinate any repairs should they be needed.

These are just a few of the many ways we can help manage your coastal property.  Homeowner peace of mind is what we do best!  Let us help you.


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