Coord repairsWhether you are working, traveling, or just live far from your home when repairs are needed its hard to coordinate them long distance and assure they are being done right and on a timely basis. NC Coastal Concierge can do that for you.

If repairs are needed, we can get estimates, coordinate entry into your home, supervise the repairs, and inspectSupervising Repairs the repairs for completion and quality. There are many contractors here at the beach, however, our experience assures that you are getting quality and competent craftsmen doing the work needed. We recommend only those contractors that have proven themselves to do high quality work at reasonable prices.

NC Coastal Concierge can also coordinate regular services on your home – ie quarterly pest inspections, semi-annual HVAC inspections and service, annual termite inspections, etc. We will coordinate with your provider of choice, meet them at your property, provide access to your property, assure the quality of the work performed, and then assure your property is secured at the conclusion of the service. No contractor will have a key to your property only NC Coastal Concierge!

Our experience will give you great peace of mind.

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