Inspections house checks 1This is a very popular service with our resident homeowners. An extended absence from your home due to a vacation, business trip, emergency, etc sets you up in two ways – one, its apparent that your home is vacant and two, if no one is checking on things that is most often when a small problem turns into a very large one. Making sure mail is removed from a mailbox, flyers or newspapers are removed, etc gives the appearance that someone is there. Having someone walk through your home in your absence at regular intervals to assure there are no surprises (ie leaking toilets, dripping faucets, damage from a golf ball, etc) can keep a potentially small issue from becoming a huge one. We can also water plants, feed pets, clean litter boxes, etc.

For our absentee homeowners this is a critically important service. Whether you have a home in Ocean Ridge but live in New Jersey or have a beach house that you use in the summer but not the rest of the year, having someone check on things at regular intervals will not onlyInspections repairs identify any problems but more importantly will provide great peace of mind that all is well. Although we do not normally experience weather extremes, however, having someone check for frozen pipes or making sure that water is turned off during a cold snap will save thousands of dollars and headaches in the long run.

We can also provide storm preparation services. Particularly if you are on one of the islands, this can be very important coverage to have. Inspect and reparisFor one fee you are covered for the entire Hurricane Season (June 1 through November 31) whether we have one storm , five storms or no storms. Our team will make sure your home is secured for the storm, outside furniture is put away, anything that could potentially become airborne secured, etc. Once the storm has passed, we will return to your home, assess any damage and return all of those items secured to their rightful place. Should there be damage, we will take pictures and assist in getting repairs coordinated.

Let us be your eyes and ears!

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