Storm 2

Nothing strikes more fear into the hearts of every coastal resident and property owner than the words “hurricane” and “tropical storm”. Assuring that your home is ready for the storm and quickly assessed following the event is critically important.

When our coast is in danger of a hit, we will secure, remove, or store all items that could potentially become airborne and cause damage. We will also go into your home, assure that all windows andstorm 5 doors are secure prior to the storm. Once the storm has moved through, we will return to your home as quickly and safely as possible to assess any damage, check over the house both inside and out and then return any stored items to their rightful place.

Should there be any damage, we will do our best to secure any issues, take pictures, and help coordinate repairs. This is the only part that can become very frustrating as you would expect, repairman are in extremely high demand if there is widespread damage. It can be challenging to get some repairs completed quickly. We will do our absolute best to get things taken care of for you in your absence. We work closely with numerous contractors in hopes of getting you priority service but of course can not guarantee during difficult times.

Although we have been very blessed not to have had severe storms hit our coast of late, we must always be Storm 4sensitive to the potential of weather here at the coast and that we must be diligent and be prepared.

For an additional seasonal fee, we will take care of your property preparation and post storm check for the entire hurricane season which runs June 1 through November 30th. Whether we have 1 storm or 20 storms, your fee carries our services through the entire season.

Each home is assessed individually based upon the depth of the preparation needed. We do have some limitations so please call or email for more information and a free in home assessment.

Above all else – having a plan in place is critical!

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